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Winter 2016

With sadness I would like to let you know that my dear husband, Joseph, went home to God’s Village on December 1st. He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer 18 months ago, and he faced his illness with a positive attitude, an impressive lack of fear of the journey onward, and without complaints of the physical limitations he experienced. As I reflect on my life with him, I realize that he was one of the finest examples I have seen of loving as God loves, and how we are to love one another, for his love was as close to unconditional as I have seen in a person. He accepted people as they were, listening carefully to their story, not seeking to change them, but always with a touch of humor. People felt a deep connection with him, and could sense that he was a good man.

Joseph supported me in my dream to move to New Mexico, found the Mandala Center, and to believe that we can make a difference in the world. He understood that what the Center has to offer is a place of transformation for people who come, that they may grow, listen to the small still voice, and be supported with hospitality, like-minded people, and the beauty of the place. For several years he took an active role, working on the staff to do his best to make sure that everyone who came to the Center, both guests and staff, could have the best possible experience. It was his way of being supportive and working for what he believed in. This was a far different life than his earlier days of being a lawyer who was a counsel on the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives, but his skills of interacting with people in such a way that they could feel how important they were to him were the same.

One of the best husbands ever, and a terrific father, Joseph learned to ride horses on the ranch, for he was very fond of animals. Over the years he was a passionate tennis player, and he became an expert on Oriental rugs. It was his touch for the color and beauty of these rugs that added them to the Center. Perhaps you have noticed there is a lovely piece he chose in each room? I miss my dear Joseph greatly, but will always be filled with gratitude that we were together for over 35 years.

~ Anna Wolfe

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