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Trails at The Mandala CenterA Note from our Director...

Summer 2015

Exploring Your Path

This spring we created several new trails at the Center. But our trails are not like conventional trails. The path is not mowed, nor is it well worn by other’s footsteps. Cairns, topped by bright yellow stones, assure you that you’re heading in the right direction, but you choose the path. Many guests have walked our trails. No two walked them the same. Everyone explored their own path.

The mission of the Mandala Center is much like our newly created trails. We provide space for you to explore your path. Our programs, events, and retreats are like the yellow topped cairns...there to help you find direction while you create your own way.

A recent guest shared her thoughts: I was at first "disconcerted" that the 'trails' were not well worn paths. But I realized that is a great metaphor for our spiritual journey! There are 'markers' and 'signs' along the way (if we look for them), but the path is not always easy and well-defined. We may wander a little bit, but in the wandering find something beautiful, like a small blossoming of flowers. We may get lost, and have to ask for help. But eventually we do find our Home. Thank you for this wonderful place! ...Tammy

Your support helps us provide a space where personal paths can be explored. We are truly grateful for your donations, kind words, and participation in our programs. Thank you.

~ Karen Brown

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