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Winter 2014

In our appeal letter I shared the story of a young man I met outside a Walmart late one summer evening. He was going through a difficult time...his clothes were ragged and dirty, the dog by his side appeared to be his only friend. I ignored him as I walked by, as I so often do, but he called out to me. He asked if I had some change I could spare, adding he would be willing to help me with my groceries. I said no and hurried past him. But once I got to my car something made me gather up all my change.

As I was driving out of the parking lot I stopped and gave him what I had. His thanks was sincere and again he asked what he could do for me. I told him there was nothing I needed, the money was a gift to him. That's when he promised to pay it forward. He said he wouldn't forget the kindness shown to him and he would help others when he could. It made me cry.

I drove away from our encounter with a new purpose, to pay it forward. I realized it doesn't need to be a grand gesture, a simple act of kindness 0r a few dollars change can make a difference. That young homeless man taught me a life lesson and it only cost a couple bucks.

Thank you for your generosity this past holiday season. The Mandala Center has always paid it forward. Your gifts of money, kind thoughts, and prayers are used to help others. That's just the way it should be. And I know, because a thoughtful young man taught me that.

~ Karen Brown

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