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Summer 2014

The Words that Come Before All Else

Ohen:ton Karihwatehkwen...traditional Iroquois say these words to begin and end each day. They say these words before important meetings and ceremonies. These are words of appreciation and thankfulness. These are the words that should come before all else. Thank you for your support, your donations, and your words of encouragement. We are grateful.


A few months ago I gave a man a dime. We were visiting in the parking lot. He asked what I believed and I told him. He asked if that was how I lived my life. I told him that’s how I try to live. He said, “We all try, but do you?” Good question. Do I live that belief with daily conscious, consistent commitment?

He told me his purpose every day was to be kind and to help people. It was that simple. Just be kind and helpful. And that’s what he was doing, helping me. He made me stop and think, and he helped me with my groceries. When he turned to walk away he said he was going to get a cup of coffee. I dug in my pocket and came up with a dime. I gave it to him, apologizing, saying I wish I had more to give. He thanked me, and with a kind smile said, “It’s enough.” One dime, and it was enough. I realized then, even the smallest gift given in kindness, makes a difference.

At the Mandala Center every kind word of encouragement, every loving thought, every donation, regardless of the amount, is deeply appreciated. They all contribute to our work at the Center, the work of making a difference. Every gift helps. And as I learned, sometimes even a dime is enough.

~ Karen Brown

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