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Winter 2015

Covering Our Hearts

In our 2015 appeal letter I shared a conversation I had with my 4 year-old granddaughter. She told me about a movie she wanted me to see. As she was describing a particular scene I said I wouldn’t want to watch because it would make me sad. “It’s okay,” she replied. “Just cover your eyes.” I explained covering my eyes wouldn’t help. Even though I couldn’t see what was happening, I would still know what was happening, and it would break my heart. She thought for a minute. “Well,” she said, “When we get to that part cover your heart.”

After that visit I realized there are many ways we can “cover our hearts”. While not as simple as putting our hand across our chest, when we take time to rest, read, pray, study, meditate, and share our lives with others, we build stronger emotional hearts.

Our goal at the Center is to provide a heart safe haven, a place to rest and renew. A place of support and learning, where one can come to a deeper acceptance of themselves and an deeper understanding of their relationship to others. Thank you to all of you who help us in this mission. We are so grateful for your donations, kind words of encouragement, and participation in our programs. You help us help others

~ Karen Brown

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